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The Speaktoit Assistant is the highest rated talking personal assistant app for smartphones and tablets.

Content providers and web services

Interested in providing your users with a natural language interface that works with your service? It's a fun and innovative way to get additional visibility. The Speaktoit Assistant currently works with many top web services, supporting natural language interaction with Yelp, Evernote, TripAdvisor, Google Calendar, ChaCha, Eventful, and lots of others.

App developers

The Speaktoit Platform allows you to voice-enable your apps to speak to your customers and users. Contact us to find out more about it.

Wireless carriers

Looking to provide your customers with the best talking personal assistant on the market? The Speaktoit Assistant supports multiple mobile operating systems, speaks several different languages, and can be customized to better serve your specific services and content.

Handset manufacturers

Speaktoit works with OEM and mobile device manufacturers to integrate our products and services with most mobile operating systems.

Smart TV manufacturers

Speaktoit for TV allows users to browse channels, search for favorite shows and movies, and more - all with simple, voice-activated commands. If you are interested in learning about our TV solutions, please contact us at

Automobile manufacturers

What started as the best-in-class smartphone virtual assistant is now making the leap to the automotive world. Speaktoit is available as both an embedded solution and/or part of a smartphone's in-car ecosystem. Either way, Speaktoit can bring all the features and efficiencies of a virtual assistant into the cabin of a car. Please contact us at to learn more.

Smart home

Coming soon! Please contact us at if you are interested in collaboration.