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Download the highest rated talking personal assistant to your smartphone or tablet. Your Speaktoit Assistant performs tasks, answers questions, notifies you about important events, and more — get your customizable Assistant free!

It remembers

Your Assistant learns your favorite places and services, and customizes your experience according to your preferences, offering the best suggestions and functions to fit your current schedule and location.

It understands

There's no need to memorize any complex commands or learn any special tricks to make your Assistant work for you - just speak naturally and the Assistant will intuit what you need.

It cares

Your Assistant offers a proactive helping hand when it thinks you might need it - your best interests are its top priority.

It speaks your language

The multilingual Assistant is currently available in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Korean and Japanese - and it's studying hard to add more very soon.

It's always at your service

Your Assistant works cross-platform - use the same Assistant on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And look for your Assistant to integrate with other gadgets and gizmos in the near future. Like, say, your car :)

It learns

Want your Assistant to respond or react in a specific way? Improve its efficiency with customizable commands - no one's Assistant is exactly like yours!